How Foottraffik’s Machine Learning Software Supercharges Google Ads Campaigns

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With Foottraffik’s machine learning software, you can create Google Ads campaigns that take into account current trends, weather patterns, and the latest news. Benefit from AI’s ability to compile and analyze data quickly and efficiently and discover how machine learning can support your sales goals and help you grow your revenue.

During our 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:
  • The benefits of cannabis machine learning
  • How AI can unlock new keywords and strategies
  • 3 ways our AI improves your bidding strategies and campaigns
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Here’s a Preview of the Webinar: 

[3:21] Learn what machine learning is and how we've harnessed this AI power for our Google Ads. 

[8:15] Ready to unlock how it works? Tune in here to see how we grab data from different sources.

[10:33] Be on-trend and stay on-trend. Capture search intent to get more clicks. Here's how.

[12:04] Our AI can even assist with your bidding strategy!

[14:51] Learn about the different places our cannabis machine learning software finds data and how it uses it.

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