Get Seen: 10 Different Ways to Advertise Your Cannabis Store on Google

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Get Found Easily & Drive Sales

Google Ads is not just text ads at the top of a search page. Uncover the different ways you can use Google Ads to reach your target audience and learn how to make the most of each method to drive more sales.

With few dispensaries taking advantage of Google Ads, launching ads now can help you score a larger piece of the market. Join us during our 30-minute webinar as we count down the ten types of Google Ads campaigns your dispensary should run to get more people to your website and learn why they’re so effective.

Plus, maximize your advertising budget!

Here’s a Preview of the Webinar: 

[5:54] Wondering why we're focusing on Google? Discover why you need to hone in the search giant.

[9:40] The countdown begins! 

[19:44] Did you know you can retarget people who have already visited your site? Learn more about it here.

[20:15] More people are using Google Maps to find local businesses. Make sure you show up!

[23:50] Unlock how to get started with Google Ads fast and get to the top of search results.

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