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dispensary guerilla marketing

Marketing Boot Camp: 5 Guerrilla Tactics You Can Launch on a Budget

Here’s a scenario to ponder: You’re kickstarting your dispensary marketing campaign. You want maximum impact, but you only have a minimal budget. Sound familiar? It might just be time to turn to guerrilla marketing. guer·ril·la /ɡəˈrilə/ Relating to irregular warfare, in which small groups of nontraditional combatants use unconventional tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids and […]
SMS messaging

Get More Signups: The Top Reasons People Opt In to SMS Messaging

Decisions, decisions. With cutting-edge tools like influencer marketing, AI-enabled PPC campaigns, and geo-fencing at our fingertips, there’s seemingly no limit when it comes to the ways you can market your dispensary. But one of the most effective, it turns out, is also one of the simplest: Text / SMS messaging marketing. Why? It comes down […]
selling cannabis

Supercharge Your Sales: Tips & Tricks for Selling Cannabis Online

If the global COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything—besides how to while away long stretches of time alone—it’s that online shopping is a must. The current data indicates that some 14% of total retail sales occur online. Even if you’re a brick-and-mortar store with an online sales component, you need to be leveraging this fact. […]
cannabis brands

What Are the 25 Most Recognizable Cannabis Brands (& How Do You Join Them?)

According to census data, a sizable majority of Americans live in states with access to legal cannabis. And in addition to all the social, political, and medical changes this brings, we’re seeing a stratifying of cannabis brands. Some are rising to the top—earning themselves loyal fans and devoted followers—while others struggle to maintain their market […]
cannabis media

Cannabis Media: Where to Get Your Dispensary or Brand Covered

Remember when “cannabis media” meant High Times? When the venerable counterculture mag first began captivating college kids and outraging parents back in 1974, the outlets for cannabis journalism were few and far between. Today, the situation could hardly be more different: From cannabis cookery and hemp-based fashion to the business and finance of the multibillion-dollar […]
cannabis buyers ft

Cannabis Sales Tips: How to Get Your Brand in Front of Dispensary Purchasers

Are you a budding cannabis entrepreneur? The “Green Wave” of cannabis reform is bringing historic opportunities to cultivators, processors, packagers, and other businesspeople who until recently would have found themselves locked out of the marketplace. What’s more, many states are incentivizing entrance into the cannabis industry for women, BIPOC, and several other populations who have […]
dispensary content calendar ft

Fundamentals of Content Marketing: How to Make a Dispensary Content Calendar

We spend a lot of time talking about high-tech tools here at Foottraffik: Mobile ads and geo-fencing, Clubhouse accounts, SSL certificates and more still. But one of the most effective tools is also one of the simplest: The dispensary content calendar.  The content calendar is an essential tool for the marketer. At its heart, it’s […]
gen z and millenials

Cutting Through the Noise: Advertising to Generation Z and Millennials

Interested in advertising to Gen Z & Millennials?  According to Neilsen, roughly 92% of consumers worldwide trust word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family above advertising.  That doesn’t even account for the acceleration of this trend among the members of Millennials and Generation Z, who in addition to representing the largest living generation in America make […]

How to Open a Dispensary in Michigan

Since approving adult-use cannabis in 2018 (and medical cannabis a decade prior to that), Michigan has become one of the nation’s hottest cannabis markets. But while it’s a moment of real opportunity, there are equal challenges to opening a dispensary in MI. For one thing, a host of state regulations can make the licensing process […]
cannabis hashtags

Instagram Fundamentals: Cannabis Hashtags to Use for Your Dispensary Posts

We’ve been devoting more and more ink to the topics of influencer marketing and social media in general lately, and it should be no surprise why. With Facebook and its partner/subsidiary Instagram having banked a 40% jump in usage last year, social media shows no signs of slowing its meteoric trajectory. And with audio-only (and […]
womens history month

Women’s History Month: Shining a Spotlight on Women in Cannabis

Cannabis is so many things: A powerful medicine, a major driver for social equity and justice system reform, and for businesses around the world, a lucrative recreational product investment. But as far as we’re concerned, one of the most impactful upshots of the “Green Wave” is the wealth of opportunities for women in the industry.  […]
opening a dispensary in California

How to Open a Dispensary in California

Opening a cannabis dispensary in California has never exactly been easy. Even though the Golden State was the first to approve medical cannabis way back in 1996 (and adult-use in 2016), a host of statewide and local ordinances throw a lot of roadblocks between those initial dreams of dispensary ownership and the day you actually […]
cannabis influencers

Cannabis Influencers: Who They Are (and Why You Need Them On Your Side)

For some entrepreneurs, influencer marketing is a contentious topic. Especially for those of us who came of age in the era of top-down media—we’re talking about radio and television ads, billboards, and other traditional advertising platforms—the idea of compensating otherwise ordinary-seeming people to “like” your product is a bit of a head-scratcher. Of course, what […]

New Industry Insights: Edibles Outperform the Cannabis Market

A year into the global pandemic, it’s a great time to pan out to look at the big picture for the cannabis industry. Some things, it seems, were relatively easy to predict: As we wrote in this space back in March of 2020, it appeared that whatever else happened, demand for cannabis was only going […]
SSL certificate

How—and Why—to Get an SSL Certificate for Your Dispensary Website

Ever wondered what an SSL certificate was? They’re digital keys that communicate trustworthiness and authenticity to website visitors. And if your dispensary website doesn’t have one, it’s time you change that. Here’s why it’s so important and how to get it done. What Is an SSL Certificate? In this day and age, online security and […]
Dispensary Customer Loyalty

Building Your Base: How to Develop Dispensary Customer Loyalty

Here at Foottraffik, we spend a lot of time thinking about ways to attract new customers through cutting-edge tools like geo-fencing and creating can’t-miss viral content. But don’t think for a moment that means you should stop thinking about your current ones. You’ve probably heard the Pareto Principle—otherwise known as the “80-20 Rule”—before, but it […]
website UX _ ft

Capture More Customers (and Improve Your SEO): How to Measure Your Website UX

Many dispensary owners/operators focus—with good reason—on the physical experience: Maintaining a property that’s welcoming to consumers of all ages, for instance, or ensuring you’re employing the best possible POS solution for your business. But take a moment to ponder the number of potential visitors your site hosts every day compared with those who actually walk […]
Good Dispensary Website UX

Tech Tips: What Makes for Good Dispensary Website UX?

Here at Foottraffik, we devote a lot of our efforts to the question of how to design and build stunning, cutting-edge dispensary websites. Because while a clean, fast and functional website is a pleasure to browse, good design does much more than just look good: It drives sales and increases average order size. How does […]
Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing for Dispensaries is Important, Now More Than Ever

From the ways we shop to how we congregate and relax, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown nearly all of our assumptions, patterns, and habits into disarray. But a year in, and with—fingers crossed!—an end in sight, some valuable insights about the role of digital marketing are becoming clear. And if you’re a dispensary owner/operator, these […]
Cannabis Sales During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Cannabis Sales During the Coronavirus Pandemic Booming

The numbers are in and cannabis is booming! Thanks to a rapidly expanding industry and the coronavirus pandemic, more dollars than ever before were spent on legal cannabis products in 2020. And best of all, experts, insiders, and analysts don’t expect 2021 to be much different! The Coronavirus Cannabis Boom Undoubtedly, one of the main […]
what to blog about

What to Blog About: Boost Your SEO with Brands

Thinking up new content ideas can get hard fast. With so much info out there, it can easily feel like every topic has already been covered. However, it’s crucial that you continue to add to your cannabis blog and build your knowledge database for your customers—and for your Google ranking. One way to knock out […]
dispensary tv menus

Dispensary Design 101: Do You Need TV Menus?

How your share information with your customers matters. If you want them to feel comfortable in your dispensary and purchase from you, it’s best to provide them with the info they need in a variety of formats so they can choose what works best for them. So while you may have an online menu, it’s […]
dispensary franchise

Should You Franchise Your Dispensary? Pros and Cons

We’re going to take a wild swing and guess that you’re familiar with franchise businesses. McDonald’s, Subway, Super 8, and countless others contribute to the US franchise industry, currently valued at a cool $451 billion. But franchised cannabis dispensaries? Yup, they’re a thing. And for a growing number of business owners eager to join the […]
dispensary PPC

Basics of Cannabis Marketing: Why You Should Do Dispensary Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We talk about dispensary pay-per-click advertising (PPC) a lot here at Foottraffik, and for good reason. PPC is one of the pillars of digital marketing. As the name suggests, it’s an intuitive system that relies on an easily measurable and trackable unit—an actual consumer clicking on a digital ad—to determine its cost. When done correctly, […]
CCIA Banking

CCIA Banking: Did a Trade Group Just Solve the Cannabis Banking Problem?

If the cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds—some estimates suggest that nationwide legalization would create a million jobs—there’s another side to the cannabis boom that gets less press: The banking dilemma. As you well know, because cannabis (despite those rosy forecasts) remains a Schedule I substance under federal law, access to traditional banking […]
ada compliant dispensary website

How to Add ADA Compliance to Your Dispensary Website

Your dispensary website has to do a lot of things. At its most basic level, it needs to provide potential customers with the information they need to order from you online or visit you in person. Ideally, of course, it does more—much more, as these selected case studies demonstrate—but at the very least, your website […]
WA Cannabis

WA Cannabis News: Got the Compliance Blues? A New Task Force Can Help

Compliance is one of the thorniest aspects of the cannabis landscape to navigate. With each state having a host of extremely specific (and often confusing, sometimes even contradictory seeming) cannabis compliance demands, making sure you’re on the right side of the law can take up a major portion of dispensary owner / operators’ time. Fortunately, […]
dispensary direct mailers

How to Use Direct Mailers for Your Dispensary

When you get a mailer from a brand you’re interested in, what do you do? You save it, right? Maybe you tack it up on the fridge with a magnet so you can remember to use the coupon or maybe you set it on your desk so you can go to their website when you […]
transparency in dispensary marketing_ft

The Value of Transparency in Dispensary Marketing

Operating a dispensary is hard work. In addition to writing a business plan, bootstrapping your delivery service, and navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, there’s the question of how to enact effective digital marketing. And while everyone agrees that it’s a must—by the end of this year, roughly half of all marketing will take […]
cannabis publications

Stay In the Loop: Important Cannabis Publications to Follow

As the cannabis industry continues to spread, a bumper crop of cannabis publications are sprouting up like, well, weeds. Some track the world of cannabis business, others the ever-flowering field of cannabis culture. But which ones are actually essential? So glad you asked! Allow us to share our curated list of Foottraffik’s favorite cannabis publications. […]
customer data

3 Ways You Can—and Should—Be Using Your Customer Data

With the onset of stay-at-home orders and other preventative measures against the global pandemic, it’s no surprise that overall retail sales took a big hit last year. And while—as we’ve reported—cannabis dispensaries are well-positioned to ride out the storm, this is no time to get complacent. Even if the number of patrons walking through your […]
google desktop

How Foottraffik’s Google Ads AI Gets its Data

We’re really excited about our Google Ads AI. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s our machine-learning platform that helps us better optimize campaigns for our clients so they see higher returns. Pretty great, right? Right now, we’re the only ones offering this kind of data-powered advertising in the cannabis industry—and our clients are […]
google my business optimization

Your Google My Business Optimization Checklist

Google My Business (GMB) plays a huge role in how customers find you and how Google ranks you. It’s one of the primary factors for local SEO. Making sure you’ve done everything to optimize your listing is vital for any business, especially cannabis dispensaries. In this blog, we’ll give you an overview of the essentials […]
cannabis billboard advertising

Goodbye to Cannabis Billboard Advertising?

How cannabis should be advertised has burdened regulators since states began legalizing medical and adult-use marijuana. Some states have created stiff regulations and then stuck to their guns, refusing to budge. Others have haphazardly created and applied advertising regulations only to change them up a few months or years later. This has put dispensaries in […]