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review sites

The Review Sites That Matter Most for Your Dispensary

Positive customer reviews are crucial to building a strong and reputable brand, especially in the internet age. Positive reviews and testimonials can be utilized as differentiators that work to separate your dispensary from other local competitors. In fact, approximately ⅓ of respondents to a recent Hubspot survey indicated that customer reviews on review sites played […]
fake google listings

How Google is Fighting Back Against Fake Listings

In June of this year, The Wall Street Journal published an article exposing the runaway problem of fake listings in Google’s search results. The publication’s researchers had discovered nearly 11 million fake business listings on Google Maps, sometimes known as GMB spam. Following the publication of the article, Google promptly released a statement committing itself […]
budtender training dispensary

Dispensary Basics: Proper Budtender Training

One of the most important aspects of managing any dispensary is ensuring your staff is knowledgeable and efficient. More than anything else, the staff you hire will make an impression on customers and represent your brand with every action they take. While standards for training dispensary staff are still being developed, there are principles that every […]
dispensary experience

Crafting a Comprehensive Dispensary Experience

What happens when your customers walk through your doors is crucial. Despite the popularity of online ordering in the cannabis space, cannabis customers still use dispensaries to discover the breadth of products available and to make their purchases. Developing a dispensary experience that is both aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to customers is essential for thriving […]
best instagram hashtag

Instagram Hashtags Your Dispensary Should Use Right Now

Determining the best Instagram hashtags for your dispensary’s content can be tricky. Constantly using (and spamming) the wrong ones can turn people off your content. However, by choosing the right ones, you can engage your audience more profoundly and expand your brand’s reach. For a dispensary, creating an effective hashtag strategy will make social media […]
cannabis education

How To Build A Cannabis Education Library For Your Website

Hosting a well-developed cannabis education center on your dispensary’s website can benefit your business and brand in multiple ways. Yet figuring out exactly what content to create for your dispensary’s audience can get a bit confusing. Most cannabis education centers focus on topics that teach readers about the basics of cannabis, but not all education […]
dispensary website

Why You Should Use WordPress For Dispensary Websites

WordPress sometimes struggles to shake itself of its reputation as a blogging platform. However, in reality, WordPress has developed into a full-on web publishing and content management system, more than capable of handling dispensary websites. In fact, WordPress now powers nearly a third of the world’s websites. Its websites also generate enormous amounts of content […]
content syndication

How Content Syndication Can Help Your Dispensary

For most businesses, the main focus of content marketing is blog content. While blog posts are great at hitting keywords and pulling organic traffic from search engines, they can also do much more. Enter content syndication. Syndicating your content essentially means having it featured or re-published on websites other than your own. Content syndication is […]

Important Disclaimers Your Dispensary Website Should Have

Legal disclaimers are necessary for the cannabis industry, just as they are for countless other industries. They are generally used to avoid or limit potential liabilities stemming from your business and the products it sells. Not only do they protect you, but they communicate integrity and honesty to your customers. However, there are many types […]

Would You Pay For Google My Business (GMB)?

Google has successfully positioned itself as the king of search. Despite constant pressure from fierce competitors like Bing (Microsoft), and Yahoo!, Google has clearly established itself as the world’s search engine of choice. Just how dominant has Google become in the search market? Well, according to a 2016 survey, Google users conduct roughly 3.8 million […]
website conversions

Capture More Leads from Your Dispensary’s Website Right Now

In today’s crowded digital market space, it can be tough to capture a visitor’s attention, and even tougher to convert them into a customer. Nowadays, getting website conversions will require more than just a few calls-to-action. Optimizing for website conversions requires a cohesive lead generation strategy that works in conjunction with other marketing efforts (like […]
google rating guidelines

How Google’s Rating Guidelines Can Help Your Dispensary SEO

Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines (GQRG) are a set of rules and recommendations that guide the work of Google’s quality raters. The guidelines function as a sort of textbook that instructs quality raters on how to do their work. Google’s quality raters provide feedback and recommendations to Google in the pursuit of improving the quality, credibility, […]
digital marketing mistakes header

Digital Marketing Mistakes You May Be Making

Re-examining your marketing strategies and goals can oftentimes lead to some surprising and disappointing realizations. In the endless scramble to achieve growth and produce results, digital marketing mistakes are common and easy to make. Even obvious ones. However, in today’s competitive marketplace, digital marketing mistakes can be quite costly. In 2019, worldwide digital ad spending […]
Instagram mistakes

Don’t Make These Instagram Mistakes!

Social media marketing and social networking have become prominent tools in the digital marketing toolbox. By tapping into social networks, brands and businesses can increase their exposure and reach. Instagram has rapidly become a primary outlet for brand development and customer engagement. Despite only being launched in 2010, the platform had already recorded over 300 […]
dispensary marketing

Why Dispensaries Should Invest In SEO Instead of Print

When it comes to dispensary marketing, digital is the way to go! Many dispensaries consider engaging in print marketing at some point in time. However, effective dispensary marketing in the digital age simply requires much more than just paper. Not only that, some states have banned print marketing for dispensaries and others heavily regulate it. […]
Cannabis Marketing

5 Cannabis Marketing Ideas That Work

The primary goal of any dispensary cannabis marketing team should be to engage potential customers through the use of efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies. Cannabis startups should make the most of practical and profitable cannabis marketing strategies like local SEO, text message marketing, email marketing, Instagram marketing, and event marketing. A sound cannabis marketing plan […]
dispensary blog

3 Ways to Make Your Dispensary Blog Posts Work For You

When it comes to establishing an online presence for your business, there’s one surefire way to make sure you stay high in search rankings: content, and lots of it. Not only will it boost your competitive standing, but maintaining a robust and consistent blog establishes credibility and keeps users on your site for longer on […]
Cannabis social media Influencers

4 Ways To Connect With Social Media Cannabis Influencers Right Now

As the marijuana business becomes more complex, so must the marketing strategies that support it. Whereas simple digital marketing methods may have brought results in the past, in today’s competitive marketplace, you will have to get creative. One way to stand out from the competition is through the use of cannabis influencers on social media […]
cannabis event

Win at Hyperlocal Marketing with Events

It’s well known among savvy marketers in the cannabis industry that local events are a vital hyperlocal marketing tactic for both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. If you run a medical dispensary, local events aren’t even optional — they’re crucial to your dispensary hyperlocal marketing strategy. Participating in or hosting local events allow you to […]
dispensary listings

Dispensary Listings: How They Can Help Your Business

In the age of online marketing, listing services have become an increasingly important source of status and reputation for businesses to master. Services like Google My Business that were considered irrelevant in the past are now used by almost every business to generate the trust and traffic they need to thrive. Foottraffik now offers cannabis […]
dispensary retail

4 Ways To Boost Your Dispensary’s Retail Sales Right Now

Cannabis legalization is occurring at a time when the way that people shop is drastically changing. As more people make purchases on their phones and online, dispensary retail operations need to optimize their businesses to appeal to these potential customers and encourage them to walk through their doors. Dispensary retail customers should be lured in […]
dispensary list

Are You Featured on the Right Dispensary Lists?

As the legal cannabis market continues to expand, dispensaries are looking for new ways to reach potential customers. One method of increasing your dispensary’s exposure is by getting listed on a dispensary list. A dispensary list is just that — a list of dispensaries that are sorted and arranged based on different filters of features. […]

Weedmaps Has Started Charging For Listings In Maryland

Online cannabis directories like Weedmaps have been gaining popularity over the years as a consumer resource for information on cannabis products and dispensaries. They can be an important piece of a cannabis business marketing plan and vital for growing a dispensary. But is the benefit worth the hefty price tag? We’ve recently learned that Weedmaps […]
dispensary social media

How To Create Impactful Social Media Content Today!

In today’s crowded digital marketplace, brands are having more difficulty than ever establishing themselves, and engaging potential customers. However, if done correctly, dispensary social media marketing can effectively grab attention, raise awareness, and successfully position dispensary brands. The success of dispensary social media marketing campaigns will largely depend on the quality, relevance, and impact of […]
local SEO audit

Why You Should Do a Local SEO Audit Right Now (and How)

Audit: it’s a scary word that’s often associated with IRS investigation. But an audit (also known as an examination) of the state of your business can sometimes be a necessary thing. When it comes to marketing your dispensary online, a local SEO audit is especially crucial. Let’s take a look at why local SEO matters […]

Quality Dispensary Website Design = More Sales!

Think you no longer need a website? Feel like you have enough visibility thanks to your GMB listing and your social accounts? If you’re thinking of skipping having a website in favor of a GMB listing and dispensary menu website, reconsider. Why Your Dispensary Needs a Website The difference between maintaining your own site and […]
dispensary e-commerce software

How to Choose The Best Dispensary E-Commerce Software

For many of us, the joy of being an entrepreneur lies in our interactions with customers. There’s nothing that can take the place of a one-on-one interaction: Forging connections with our clientele, learning what new products and offerings excite them, and sharing a tiny bit of our own story with them in the process. These […]
cannabis event

How to Host a Successful Cannabis Event

In the era of recreational legalization, hosting a cannabis event can be an effective means of networking with the wider cannabis community and building a local reputation. Manufacturers and dispensary owners alike benefit from events that bring together businesses, customers and local talent to celebrate the wonders of the legal cannabis market. While putting together […]
Reputation management dashboard

How to Fight GMB Spam (and Why You Should)

While the age of the Internet has brought success to many new businesses, it has also created dangers and challenges for business owners. Any business that wants to be successful must learn to master the new environment of digital marketing and overcome the difficulties presented by this terrain. One of the most common features of […]
what is a mobile friendly website design

What Makes a Website Mobile Friendly?

If you want to succeed with your SEO, your dispensary MUST have a mobile-friendly website! But what is a mobile-friendly website really? The term ‘mobile friendly’ refers to optimizing your website for maximum mobile browsing convenience. Basically, it’s a nicer way of saying that it looks good on a smartphone or tablet. Since more and […]
Google my business post

Why You Should Make a GMB Post Right Now

Google My Business (GMB) posts are an effective way to increase your dispensary’s visibility, establish its online presence, and optimize its website for search engines. And best of all, they’re FREE! Developing your Google My Business profile is an easy and cost-effective way to interact with potential customers. Your profile can provide search users with […]
dispensary website design

5 Things Your Dispensary Website Must Have

So you’ve been lucky enough to secure a permit for a dispensary. You’ve gone through the process of finding a space, establishing a supply chain, and figuring out your business model. Maybe you’ve even already opened your doors! Because so many consumers spend so much of their time online, though, it’s important that you pay […]
dispensary hiring interviews

How to Hire the Best Budtenders

Nothing is more important to a company than their team. Without your team, you don’t have a business. The challenge, of course, is finding the right people in a highly competitive recruiting environment. Heck, it’s hard enough finding the “right” people when the economy’s not doing well. In this article on dispensary hiring, we’re going […]
cannabis e-commerce

Maximize Your Sales with a Dispensary E-Commerce Platform

Michigan medical cannabis is easier to get thanks to new laws allowing for delivery. To make the most of this, Michigan medical cannabis dispensaries—aka provisioning centers—must put in place dispensary e-commerce and delivery solutions. While ordering medical cannabis isn’t quite as easy as ordering pizza—you still need a doctor’s recommendation, for example—it’s a great way […]
dispensaries on instagram

Everything Dispensaries on Instagram Need to Know About New Features

Social media is a valuable component of any comprehensive marketing plan. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms are vital to the success of your business and generating the customer growth you need to thrive. Keeping up with all of the changes can be stressful, but adapting to new updates and features is essential to ensure […]
Cannabis Events in 2019

5 Cannabis Events Your Brand Must Attend in 2019!

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries not just in North America, but the world. Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of cannabis events. However, the quality of cannabis events, exhibitions, and conferences can vary in quality. Since you can’t attend every conference, we’ve compiled a list of the FIVE most important cannabis […]
Google My Business Spam

Google My Business Spam: What It Is and Why It Matters

We all know what spam is. From our email boxes to robocalls, we’re spammed all day long. But when it comes to Google My Business (GMB), what is it? Instinctively we might think, “how can there be spam on GMB?” Well, leave it to spammers. They’ve found a way. Fortunately, it’s not nearly as bad […]
How to Increase Online Orders

Proven Tactics to Increase Your Dispensary’s Online Orders

What do you think of when you hear about e-commerce? Amazon? eBay? These are the powerhouses, the 700-pound gorillas in e-commerce. What you probably don’t think of are cannabis dispensaries. After all, federal law doesn’t allow dispensaries to ship their products. (Note: Selling cannabis online doesn’t require shipping.) However, if you dismiss e-commerce as an […]
dispensary email marketing

Dispensary Email Marketing: How to Write A Newsletter

Dispensary email marketing is a great tool for sharing your blog posts, dispensary events, and more. A quality dispensary newsletter can help you inform your audience and drive them to your website, which will hopefully lead to a sale. You should already be collecting emails with your loyalty program—and if you aren’t, it’s time to […]
self-service dispensary kiosk

The Value of A Self-Service Dispensary Kiosk

Have you considered getting a self-service dispensary kiosk? If wait times have been a problem, it might be time. Waiting in line is always aggravating, but even more so if you’re a medical patient experiencing pain or are on a tight schedule. As passionate budtenders explain the effects of strains to opinionated customers, waiting customers […]
cannabis blog

Why Your Dispensary Needs a Cannabis Blog

Every stock market blog and podcast is chronicling the rise of cannabis stocks. Along with investors, there are hordes of individuals hoping to cash in by starting cannabis-based businesses. And this is just the start. Legal marijuana sales are expected to hit $57 billion in North America by 2027. So how can you make your […]