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Cannabis content marketing is a great tool for your dispensary search engine optimization strategyCannabis content can help you rank higher and educate your customers at the same time.

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How to Create a Flexible Dispensary Content Plan

For those of us who don’t feel like natural writers—which, let’s face it, is nearly everyone—the job of content creation can feel maddening, a treadmill that never seems to end. In one sense, that’s true: Content marketing, done properly, shouldn’t end. Brands should always be creating and sharing content that inspires, compels, educates and delights. […]
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Marijuana Advertising Network: Your Gateway to Millions of Cannabis Users

Here’s a hypothetical scenario to chew on: You’re a dispensary owner/operator and you’re looking to spread the word about your brand. But once you scrape together the precious hours to conceptualize an ad campaign, write and proof headlines and copy, and find appropriate (and legally compliant) images and design the ads, you realize you have […]
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Leveraging the Power of Video: Cannabis YouTube Advertising

Once upon a time, creating video ads was out of the reach of the average cannabis dispensary. Even if you did manage to scrape together the funds to produce a well-crafted and compelling piece of video content, where would you share it? With YouTube and other major platforms having cracked down on cannabis-related content, there […]
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Cannabis Direct Mailer Advertising: A Secret Weapon in a Restrictive Marketing Environment

There are a lot of high-tech ways of reaching consumers: PPC campaigns, SMS messaging, even using offbeat social media platforms like Snapchat and Clubhouse. But given the highly restrictive environment for marketing cannabis businesses, there’s one very old-fashioned approach you shouldn’t count out: Cannabis direct mailer advertising. While you’d assume these “direct mail” advertisements have […]

4 Patient-Friendly MMJ Marketing Strategies for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

As anyone who’s plunged into the marijuana arena knows, MMJ marketing isn’t as simple as sticking the word “medical” in front of “cannabis” and calling it a day. Reaching consumers interested in medical marijuana requires a considered approach that’s in many ways distinct from trying to connect with adult-use consumers. It’s crucial to build trust […]
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Cannabis Consumers: Understanding the Landscape, Tailoring Your Message

Once upon a time, the phrase “cannabis consumers” meant one thing: Stoners. These days, of course, the landscape couldn’t be more different. With adult-use cannabis legal in 16 states and the District of Columbia, medical use in 36, a large majority of Americans now have access to some form of cannabis, and they’re increasingly hyper-focused […]