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Cannabis content marketing is a great tool for your dispensary search engine optimization strategyCannabis content can help you rank higher and educate your customers at the same time.

how to write seo content

How to Write Engaging & Educational Content that Converts for SEO

Content creation is a crucial part of the SEO process. Having an educational and engaging cannabis blog on your dispensary website can provide you with all kinds of benefits, including a serious SEO boost. However, writing interesting, engaging, and successful SEO content is easier said than done. Your content must not only appeal to your […]

Best Keyword Research Tools for Dispensary SEO & Content Marketing

Keyword research is the cornerstone of an effective SEO strategy and the first step towards a strategy that produces successful long-term results. Keyword matching is the hidden process at the heart of every search engine. Search engines rely on keywords to determine the intent of a user’s search. Essentially, they help your audience find you. […]
Instagram vs Blog

Instagram vs Blog: Which Should You Invest In to Market Your Dispensary?

Instagram vs Blog? In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to choose between these two powerful approaches to dispensary marketing. Unfortunately, we live in this world: The one with limited budgets, onerous advertising regulations and an ever-growing list of competitors. All too often, we’re forced to make uncomfortable choices when it comes to how we […]
dispensary blog post ideas

Dispensary Blog Post Ideas You Can Write Right Now

Your customers rely on you for information about your products, the cannabis industry, and more. Make sure they can easily find it by hosting a cannabis blog on your website. Not sure where to get started? Steal these dispensary blog post ideas and get writing! Dispensary Blog Post Ideas: News Updates Is rec legalization hitting […]
What to Post on Instagram

What to Post on Instagram (And Some Things You Shouldn’t)

Marketing a dispensary is hard work. There’s no clear cut formula for getting the word out about your shop, and there are a slew of regulations to contend with. Plus, if you have multiple locations in different states, the regulations vary, so what works in one state won’t necessarily fly in another. One popular way […]
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Get the Most From Your Dispensary FAQ Page

How well is your dispensary providing information to customers? While addressing customer FAQs is important to any business, cannabis customers typically have more questions than other retail shoppers. Why? Because cannabis has been illegal for most of our lives and still is at the federal level. And while people learning more about it every day, […]
Content Strategy

Get Your Content Seen With This Content Strategy

If you write a blog post, will anyone see it? Sometimes posting to your blog can feel like yelling into an empty room. Getting it seen can be hard—we know from experience. We also know that dispensaries have a lot of valuable knowledge to share with their customers. And we want to make sure your […]
writing content

Writing Content: How to Tailor Your Content to Your Audience

Content marketing can be an incredibly effective digital marketing strategy that can engage your customers, grow your brand, and give your site a serious SEO boost. However, in order for your content to be successful, your audience must be receptive to it. Developing an effective content plan that appeals to your customer base is crucial […]