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Cannabis dispensary email marketing is leveraging email to communicate directly with your customer to build customer loyalty, trust, and brand recognition.

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Creating Dispensary Emails Your Customers Want to Open

When it comes to marketing your dispensary, your email list is one of your precious resources. According to email marketing gurus Constant Contact, it can boast a frankly staggering return on investment. But all too often, the email list is one of the most underutilized tools in dispensary marketers’ kits. And that’s a shame.  Why? […]
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Essentials of Dispensary Marketing: Leveraging Gmail Advertising

What with the many local restrictions on cannabis-related advertising, it can feel like an uphill slog to market your canna-business. Cannabis dispensary gmail advertising may offer a solution, or at least a partial one. The nation’s most popular email service supports various ads on certain tabs, including video, interactive ads that pop open just like […]
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Are You Getting The Most From Email Marketing?

With so many options in the modern digital marketing toolbox, it can be easy to overlook email marketing. But email marketing is still an invaluable tool that still delivers consistent results. An effective email marketing campaign can turn leads into paying customers and first-time buyers into recurring customers. But executing a successful email marketing campaign […]
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CASL: What Is CASL & How Does It Affect Digital Marketing in Canada?

The Cannabis Act has plenty of advertising restrictions that have made Canadian dispensaries feel like they can’t get the word out about their stores while remaining compliant. Thankfully, digital marketing provides dispensaries across North America with a reliable, measurable way to reach new customers. At the same time, using digital marketing means that you also […]
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The Data Compliance Laws You Need to Know About

As a dispensary owner or CMO, you know there’s a long list of regulations you have to deal with. From where you can set up shop to what you have to report to the state, it’s pretty easy to get lost in the weeds. These regulations differ across state lines and even between cities in […]
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Essential Cannabis Marketing: How to Share Your COVID-19 Updates

Cannabis dispensary operators are finding themselves in an unusual position right now. Because dispensaries have been designated essential businesses in many areas, they’re better positioned than most to survive and even thrive during the coming months of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic. But not everyone knows this. If you’re not reaching out to current clients […]
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How to Build Your Dispensary Mailing List

Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing strategies in the book, email marketing still works. According to one recent survey, 59% of marketers said that email marketing was their biggest source of ROI. Plus, the public has proven to be quite receptive to email marketing. According to a 2016 survey, 73% of millennials prefer […]
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How Dispensaries Can Make The Most Out of Segmentation

Segmentation can help your dispensaries spend their marketing dollars more efficiently. Instead of just casting a wide net and hoping for results, segmentation allows marketers to better target specific customers with precise messaging. While the “spray and pray” technique can get you some sales, segmentation results in a higher ROI and better relationships with your […]
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Dispensary Email Marketing: How to Write A Newsletter

Dispensary email marketing is a great tool for sharing your blog posts, dispensary events, and more. A quality dispensary newsletter can help you inform your audience and drive them to your website, which will hopefully lead to a sale. You should already be collecting emails with your loyalty program—and if you aren’t, it’s time to […]