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Cannabis dispensary reputation management is a crucial part of a robust dispensary SEO strategy. As a primary factor for local SEO, you can’t ignore your reviews!

cannabis sales

Tricks of the Dispensary Trade: Cannabis Sales You Should Be Running

The latest statistics on the cannabis industry are truly thrilling. Coming off a banner year—this despite a global pandemic—and with some 12% of Americans self-reporting as being active users, cannabis sales are truly booming. And thousands of entrepreneurs are taking note, applying for cultivation and retail licenses, and taking advantage of a “Green Wave” that […]
cannabis media

Cannabis Media: Where to Get Your Dispensary or Brand Covered

Remember when “cannabis media” meant High Times? When the venerable counterculture mag first began captivating college kids and outraging parents back in 1974, the outlets for cannabis journalism were few and far between. Today, the situation could hardly be more different: From cannabis cookery and hemp-based fashion to the business and finance of the multibillion-dollar […]
Dispensary Customer Loyalty

Building Your Base: How to Develop Dispensary Customer Loyalty

Here at Foottraffik, we spend a lot of time thinking about ways to attract new customers through cutting-edge tools like geo-fencing and creating can’t-miss viral content. But don’t think for a moment that means you should stop thinking about your current ones. You’ve probably heard the Pareto Principle—otherwise known as the “80-20 Rule”—before, but it […]
Reputation Management

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset: Why Reputation Management Is Crucial

The rise of online culture has changed so many things about our lives: Digital marketing has affected how we shop; streaming services how we consume entertainment (and even how the songs we love are written). And the interactive nature of social media has forever altered how businesses are perceived. The ability for consumers to comment […]
educating customers

How to Educate Your Customers (and Why You Should)

Storied retailer Sy Syms declared “An educated consumer is our best consumer” nearly fifty years ago, but even he couldn’t have predicted how essential it would be today. Back then, the New York-based clothing retailer hit upon an interesting gambit: List an item’s current price, what it would cost in a week or two, and […]
Reputation management review management

2 Reasons Why Online Reviews Matter (& How to Manage Them)

Do online reviews still matter in 2020? The short answer is yes! Online reviews don’t just influence the purchasing decisions of potential customers, but they also contribute to your website’s SEO. With more and more of our time being spent online, one could argue that online reviews have never been as important as they are […]
managing reviews

Why Managing Reviews Is Crucial for Your Dispensary

All businesses eventually make mistakes, and all shoppers eventually have bad experiences. In a digital and interconnected world, this means that bad reviews are inevitable. Regardless of who is really at fault or what actually happened, the story a review tells will affect your business one way or another. According to a 2017 survey, 68% […]
review sites

The Review Sites That Matter Most for Your Dispensary

Positive customer reviews are crucial to building a strong and reputable brand, especially in the internet age. Positive reviews and testimonials can be utilized as differentiators that work to separate your dispensary from other local competitors. In fact, approximately ⅓ of respondents to a recent Hubspot survey indicated that customer reviews on review sites played […]
fake google listings

How Google is Fighting Back Against Fake Listings

In June of this year, The Wall Street Journal published an article exposing the runaway problem of fake listings in Google’s search results. The publication’s researchers had discovered nearly 11 million fake business listings on Google Maps, sometimes known as GMB spam. Following the publication of the article, Google promptly released a statement committing itself […]
budtender training dispensary

Dispensary Basics: Proper Budtender Training

One of the most important aspects of managing any dispensary is ensuring your staff is knowledgeable and efficient. More than anything else, the staff you hire will make an impression on customers and represent your brand with every action they take. While standards for training dispensary staff are still being developed, there are principles that every […]
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