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marijuana advertising network

Marijuana Advertising Network: Your Gateway to Millions of Cannabis Users

Here’s a hypothetical scenario to chew on: You’re a dispensary owner/operator and you’re looking to spread the word about your brand. But once you scrape together the precious hours to conceptualize an ad campaign, write and proof headlines and copy, and find appropriate (and legally compliant) images and design the ads, you realize you have […]
Medical Marijuana Marketing

Medical Marijuana Marketing Basics: Finding Your Target Audience

Between the onerous state and federal regulations on advertising and an increasingly crowded retail landscape, medical marijuana marketing is a special challenge. But take it from us: With a combination of cutting-edge tools and old-fashioned street smarts, it’s far from an impossible task. In today’s post, we’ll lay out a few of the best practices […]
marijuana digital marketing

Marijuana Digital Marketing: 3 Tools To Get Your Dispensary Noticed

When it comes to marijuana digital marketing, there’s a wide range of tools and approaches we lean on here at Foottraffik. What’s more, some of them—like producing YouTube videos or launching dispensary mailer campaigns—aren’t even digital! But especially for those new to the digital marketing game, having such a powerful array of tools at your […]
cannabis ads

Creative Inspiration: The Best Recent Cannabis Ads and Campaigns

Running a dispensary is hard enough without the regulatory roadblocks that can make it feel impossible to just get the word out. But frustrating though it is, it’s not an impossible task. It just requires an ability to think outside the box. Can an ad successfully market a product without naming it? You be the judge. Drum […]

Cannabis Marketing Live: Top SEO Tactics

Recently, our CMO Samer Alkass joined me to discuss the top SEO tactics dispensaries should use to help improve their Google Rankings. He unpacked a lot of great information, and I wanted to take a moment to put together even more great info about dispensary SEO for you to check out. Posts & Pages on […]
Cannabis Delivery service

Deliver the Goods: 5 Ways to Grow Your Cannabis Delivery Service

Even before COVID-19 brought many retail operations to a standstill, cannabis delivery service was slated to be one of the next waves set to upend the industry. It’s easy to see why: Not only does offering delivery service open a major opportunity for existing dispensaries but in jurisdictions that permit it, launching a delivery-only dispensary […]
cannabis media

Cannabis Media: Where to Get Your Dispensary or Brand Covered

Remember when “cannabis media” meant High Times? When the venerable counterculture mag first began captivating college kids and outraging parents back in 1974, the outlets for cannabis journalism were few and far between. Today, the situation could hardly be more different: From cannabis cookery and hemp-based fashion to the business and finance of the multibillion-dollar […]
how to market cbd oil thinking

Get Seen: How to Market CBD Oil

The CBD market shows no signs of stopping. The global CBD market is expected to hit a whopping $3.5 billion USD in 2021 with a projected 20% year-over-year growth for the better part of the next decade. Quick market expansion and a rosy outlook have led to many new entrants and a more competitive CBD […]