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Cannabis dispensary digital marketing refers to advertising through digital channels such as Google Ads, display ads, search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

programmatic advertising

The Next Revolution In Marketing? Understanding Programmatic Advertising

As we recently shared, display ads are a major pillar of dispensary marketing, and for good reason: Especially when they’re optimized with compelling CTAs, call and location extensions to maximize their effectiveness, these ads are a powerful and cost-effective way to grab consumers’ attention. These ads are getting faster and better. Welcome to the era […]
dispensary podcast

Cannabis Marketing Tips: Should You Make a Dispensary Podcast?

Even before COVID-19 locked us all in our apartments for a year, long-form content such as podcasts were experiencing a huge and historic resurgence. But the pandemic only highlighted an existing hunger for deep dives, long-running conversations, and the simple pleasure of hearing someone who really knows their field explain how things work. If all […]
tourist targeting

Are You Sweating a Summer Slump? Here’s How To Target Tourists with Display Ads

How are you feeling about summer? For many dispensary owner/operators, mid-2021 looks like a very mixed bag. While cannabis overall has weathered the pandemic well, how the next few months will play out remains an open question. Studying the latest consumer behavior trends, it appears that—even with the COVID-19 pandemic appearing to slacken—travel and overall […]
dispensary guerilla marketing

Marketing Boot Camp: 5 Guerrilla Tactics You Can Launch on a Budget

Here’s a scenario to ponder: You’re kickstarting your dispensary marketing campaign. You want maximum impact, but you only have a minimal budget. Sound familiar? It might just be time to turn to guerrilla marketing. guer·ril·la /ɡəˈrilə/ Relating to irregular warfare, in which small groups of nontraditional combatants use unconventional tactics including ambushes, sabotage, raids and […]
Writing a mission statement ft

Sell From the Heart: What to Include When Writing a Mission Statement

Picture this: Your dream of opening a dispensary is finally within reach. After years of dreaming, creating a business plan, securing the necessary licenses, scouting locations, and hiring your staff, you’re nearly there! Oh, just one thing: What’s your dispensary’s mission? It may seem self-evident, but if you haven’t put some serious thought towards the […]
selling cannabis

Supercharge Your Sales: Tips & Tricks for Selling Cannabis Online

If the global COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything—besides how to while away long stretches of time alone—it’s that online shopping is a must. The current data indicates that some 14% of total retail sales occur online. Even if you’re a brick-and-mortar store with an online sales component, you need to be leveraging this fact. […]
cannabis media

Cannabis Media: Where to Get Your Dispensary or Brand Covered

Remember when “cannabis media” meant High Times? When the venerable counterculture mag first began captivating college kids and outraging parents back in 1974, the outlets for cannabis journalism were few and far between. Today, the situation could hardly be more different: From cannabis cookery and hemp-based fashion to the business and finance of the multibillion-dollar […]