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zmot woman looking at laptop

Zero Moment of Truth for Dispensaries: Is ZMOT Working For You?

Half of marketing is understanding human psychology. When developing a strategy for presenting a brand to the world, you have to determine what distinguishes that brand from others. To this end, researchers at Google developed the concept of the Zero Moment of Truth, referred to as the ZMOT, as a guide to how businesses should […]
google my business update

How the New Google My Business Update Can Help Your Dispensary

Google is an indispensable tool for making your business findable. It makes it easy for your target audience to find everything from your website to your hours and location. As a leader in innovation, Google continues to make changes to its numerous services. Recently, the search giant made changes to Google My Business that could […]
Google Activity Cards for Dispensaries

How Google Activity Cards Can Assist Your Dispensary

Google is one of the most important tools for any business to master to maximize both knowledge and reach. While Google has grown to offer services from email to word processing to file-sharing and much more, its flagship service continues to be its status as the world’s largest and most important search engine. Google makes […]
Dispensary Voice Search Optimization

Expand Your Reach By Focusing on Dispensary Voice Search Optimization

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant want to help you grow your dispensary. How? All of these virtual assistants are primed to answer your customers’ and potential customers’ answers. By focusing on dispensary voice search optimization, you can take advantage of one of the latest tech trends and ensure that your dispensary shows up as […]
alaska facebook business page removal

Alaska Cannabis Crackdown: Facebook Shuts Down Marijuana Dispensaries’ Pages

Legal cannabis dispensaries in Alaska — including the patients and customers they serve — (once again) appear not to be welcome on Facebook. According to reports, Facebook either suspended or entirely deleted Facebook business pages of at least half a dozen legal cannabis retail dispensaries in Alaska. While Google, Facebook, and Twitter have long prohibited […]