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How to Create Location-Specific Marketing Plans for Your Different Dispensaries

What happens when you’re overseeing two—or three, or six—dispensaries, and it’s on you to develop marketing plans for each of them? Many managers in this position find themselves squeezed between two seemingly contradictory mandates: Support the brand identity with a consistent voice and messaging and Optimize each location’s marketing based on specific demographics, needs, and […]
Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long

Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long

It’s 2020—which means that 420 lasts a glorious 30 days. If you aren’t planning on taking advantage of this fun fact, then prepare to lose some sales to the competition. Here’s the thing: a month of 420 is novel, and it won’t happen again for another hundred years. Take advantage of the timing and invest […]
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Win at Hyperlocal Marketing with Events

It’s well known among savvy marketers in the cannabis industry that local events are a vital hyperlocal marketing tactic for both medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. If you run a medical dispensary, local events aren’t even optional — they’re crucial to your dispensary hyperlocal marketing strategy. Participating in or hosting local events allow you to […]
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How to Host a Successful Cannabis Event

In the era of recreational legalization, hosting a cannabis event can be an effective means of networking with the wider cannabis community and building a local reputation. Manufacturers and dispensary owners alike benefit from events that bring together businesses, customers and local talent to celebrate the wonders of the legal cannabis market. While putting together […]
Cannabis Events in 2019

5 Cannabis Events Your Brand Must Attend in 2019!

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries not just in North America, but the world. Unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of cannabis events. However, the quality of cannabis events, exhibitions, and conferences can vary in quality. Since you can’t attend every conference, we’ve compiled a list of the FIVE most important cannabis […]