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budtender training dispensary

Dispensary Basics: Proper Budtender Training

One of the most important aspects of managing any dispensary is ensuring your staff is knowledgeable and efficient. More than anything else, the staff you hire will make an impression on customers and represent your brand with every action they take. While standards for training dispensary staff are still being developed, there are principles that every […]
Cannabis Marketing

5 Cannabis Marketing Ideas That Work

The primary goal of any dispensary cannabis marketing team should be to engage potential customers through the use of efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies. Cannabis startups should make the most of practical and profitable cannabis marketing strategies like local SEO, text message marketing, email marketing, Instagram marketing, and event marketing. A sound cannabis marketing plan […]
dispensary website design

5 Things Your Dispensary Website Must Have

So you’ve been lucky enough to secure a permit for a dispensary. You’ve gone through the process of finding a space, establishing a supply chain, and figuring out your business model. Maybe you’ve even already opened your doors! Because so many consumers spend so much of their time online, though, it’s important that you pay […]
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Zero Moment of Truth for Dispensaries: Is ZMOT Working For You?

Half of marketing is understanding human psychology. When developing a strategy for presenting a brand to the world, you have to determine what distinguishes that brand from others. To this end, researchers at Google developed the concept of the Zero Moment of Truth, referred to as the ZMOT, as a guide to how businesses should […]
How to Increase Online Orders

Proven Tactics to Increase Your Dispensary’s Online Orders

What do you think of when you hear about e-commerce? Amazon? eBay? These are the powerhouses, the 700-pound gorillas in e-commerce. What you probably don’t think of are cannabis dispensaries. After all, federal law doesn’t allow dispensaries to ship their products. (Note: Selling cannabis online doesn’t require shipping.) However, if you dismiss e-commerce as an […]
google my business update

How the New Google My Business Update Can Help Your Dispensary

Google is an indispensable tool for making your business findable. It makes it easy for your target audience to find everything from your website to your hours and location. As a leader in innovation, Google continues to make changes to its numerous services. Recently, the search giant made changes to Google My Business that could […]
Google Activity Cards for Dispensaries

How Google Activity Cards Can Assist Your Dispensary

Google is one of the most important tools for any business to master to maximize both knowledge and reach. While Google has grown to offer services from email to word processing to file-sharing and much more, its flagship service continues to be its status as the world’s largest and most important search engine. Google makes […]
Dispensary Voice Search Optimization

Expand Your Reach By Focusing on Dispensary Voice Search Optimization

Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant want to help you grow your dispensary. How? All of these virtual assistants are primed to answer your customers’ and potential customers’ answers. By focusing on dispensary voice search optimization, you can take advantage of one of the latest tech trends and ensure that your dispensary shows up as […]
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Get the Most Out of Search: How to Use Branded Searches Effectively

When developing a search engine optimization strategy, we often opt for search terms we believe will be searched by the largest amount of people. Non-branded searches can be lucrative, as they can be expected to deliver high traffic owing to how many people search for common words or phrases. However, branded searches can also be […]
Cannabis News Canada

Marketing Under the Canadian Cannabis Act

Cannabis stocks are riding high and many Canadians are excited about the legalization of adult-use cannabis that occurred on October 17th, 2018. At the same time, provincial governments, licensed producers, and licensed retailers have been trying to parse the Cannabis Act in order to better understand how the various regulations will affect them. The first […]