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Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long

Rock 420 This Year—All Month Long

It’s 2020—which means that 420 lasts a glorious 30 days. If you aren’t planning on taking advantage of this fun fact, then prepare to lose some sales to the competition. Here’s the thing: a month of 420 is novel, and it won’t happen again for another hundred years. Take advantage of the timing and invest […]
Where Will Cannabis Be on the Ballot this November

Where Will Cannabis Be on the Ballot this November?

If you thought 2016 was a big year for cannabis, 2020 is shaping up to be equally pivotal. As of late February 2020, a multitude of ballot measures—and, perhaps more indicative of future trends—legislative actions may come into play come November. While it’s far too early to make predictions, we can say this: This election […]

Dispensary How-To: How to Nail the Best Practices of the Press Release

Press releases are as old as the media, but that doesn’t mean they’re yesterday’s news. Getting your dispensary written about is one of the most powerful tactics in your toolkit, with the potential to grant you powerful visibility, authority, and often great word-of-mouth all at the same time. And here’s a little secret: They’re easier […]
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Dispensary Basics: Proper Budtender Training

One of the most important aspects of managing any dispensary is ensuring your staff is knowledgeable and efficient. More than anything else, the staff you hire will make an impression on customers and represent your brand with every action they take. While standards for training dispensary staff are still being developed, there are principles that every […]
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5 Things Your Dispensary Website Must Have

So you’ve been lucky enough to secure a permit for a dispensary. You’ve gone through the process of finding a space, establishing a supply chain, and figuring out your business model. Maybe you’ve even already opened your doors! Because so many consumers spend so much of their time online, though, it’s important that you pay […]
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Maximize Your Sales with a Dispensary E-Commerce Platform

Michigan medical cannabis is easier to get thanks to new laws allowing for delivery. To make the most of this, Michigan medical cannabis dispensaries—aka provisioning centers—must put in place dispensary e-commerce and delivery solutions. While ordering medical cannabis isn’t quite as easy as ordering pizza—you still need a doctor’s recommendation, for example—it’s a great way […]
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Cannabis Brands Designed to Enhance User Experience (UX)

What is User Experience (UX)? User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function. What UX Designers do goes Beyond UI […]
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Use ‘Google My Business’ to Chat with Your Cannabis Dispensary’s Customers

A Google Game Changer? Perhaps! Google has officially launched Chat for Google My Business. The new messaging feature allows your cannabis dispensary customers to contact you directly through Google’s mobile local search panel. Google has made the new feature available to all U.S.-based businesses. (Google is also in the process of rolling out the feature […]