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Instagram vs Blog

Instagram vs Blog: Which Should You Invest In to Market Your Dispensary?

Instagram vs Blog? In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to choose between these two powerful approaches to dispensary marketing. Unfortunately, we live in this world: The one with limited budgets, onerous advertising regulations and an ever-growing list of competitors. All too often, we’re forced to make uncomfortable choices when it comes to how we […]
Instagram mistakes

Don’t Make These Instagram Mistakes!

Social media marketing and social networking have become prominent tools in the digital marketing toolbox. By tapping into social networks, brands and businesses can increase their exposure and reach. Instagram has rapidly become a primary outlet for brand development and customer engagement. Despite only being launched in 2010, the platform had already recorded over 300 […]
Cannabis Marketing

5 Cannabis Marketing Ideas That Work

The primary goal of any dispensary cannabis marketing team should be to engage potential customers through the use of efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies. Cannabis startups should make the most of practical and profitable cannabis marketing strategies like local SEO, text message marketing, email marketing, Instagram marketing, and event marketing. A sound cannabis marketing plan […]