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Why Local SEO Matters For Your Dispensary

As more and more searches are conducted through mobile devices, retail businesses need to adjust their SEO strategies to account for local searches. Recent research indicates that in 2018 nearly 63% of Google searches happened on mobile. These days, more and more mobile users rely on mobile search to find local businesses for shopping. So […]
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8 Tips To Improve Your Dispensary’s SEO Ranking

Getting your cannabis dispensary to rank high in Google’s search results is crucial to getting foot traffic through your dispensary doors. An effective local search engine optimization strategy is the best way to boost your site’s Google ranking and increase your visibility to local customers. However, many businesses struggle with local SEO. With more and […]
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The Most Common Dispensary SEO Questions Answered

At Foottraffik, we create custom SEO strategies to help boost our clients’ visibility so they can draw more foot traffic to their stores and more visitors to their online menus. SEO best practices are constantly evolving to keep up with Google’s algorithm changes. We stay on top of all the high-ROI practices, so you don’t […]

Local SEO for Dispensaries: 3 Things You Can’t Ignore

To draw web traffic to your site, you need a local SEO strategy. Now, for most people that means having a keyword strategy in place, writing relevant copy, and making sure their website is mobile responsive. While these on-site factors are critical for success, there are three off-site local SEO factors that you need to […]
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Do You Need to Focus on SEO for Dispensaries During COVID-19?

These uncertain and unpredictable times have many businesses closely reviewing their budgets, and marketing is no exception. According to one recent Conductor survey, 65% of marketers expect a COVID-19 related decrease in their marketing budget – and just as many believe that this decrease will make it harder for them to achieve their marketing goals. […]
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Boost Your Signal: Appealing to Surrounding Areas

Located in a small town or city? Looking for customers outside your immediate area? Appealing to surrounding areas with local content is a great way to build recognition in your area and boost your local SEO. But what if “local” just isn’t enough? If you need to expand beyond your town limits and appeal to […]
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5 Cannabis Marketing Ideas That Work

The primary goal of any dispensary cannabis marketing team should be to engage potential customers through the use of efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies. Cannabis startups should make the most of practical and profitable cannabis marketing strategies like local SEO, text message marketing, email marketing, Instagram marketing, and event marketing. A sound cannabis marketing plan […]
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Why You Should Do a Local SEO Audit Right Now (and How)

Audit: it’s a scary word that’s often associated with IRS investigation. But an audit (also known as an examination) of the state of your business can sometimes be a necessary thing. When it comes to marketing your dispensary online, a local SEO audit is especially crucial. Let’s take a look at why local SEO matters […]
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Get the Most Out of Search: How to Use Branded Searches Effectively

When developing a search engine optimization strategy, we often opt for search terms we believe will be searched by the largest amount of people. Non-branded searches can be lucrative, as they can be expected to deliver high traffic owing to how many people search for common words or phrases. However, branded searches can also be […]
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How to Add Your Cannabis Dispensary to Google My Business

Over the past 18 years, Google has not only changed the way consumers use the internet but also the way that businesses display themselves online. One area which Google has been pushing the envelope is in regards to location-based searches, which can be huge for a dispensary. Local search and local SEO is becoming one […]