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8 Tips To Improve Your Dispensary’s SEO Ranking

Getting your cannabis dispensary to rank high in Google’s search results is crucial to getting foot traffic through your dispensary doors. An effective local search engine optimization strategy is the best way to boost your site’s Google ranking and increase your visibility to local customers. However, many businesses struggle with local SEO. With more and […]
search intent

Why Search Intent Matters for Dispensaries

If you’ve ever used a search engine with built-in autofill or an autocomplete function, it may have seemed like it knew what you were going to search for before you actually searched for it. That’s because it probably did. Search engines have long been working on algorithms that can detect what a person is searching […]
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Boost Your Signal: Appealing to Surrounding Areas

Located in a small town or city? Looking for customers outside your immediate area? Appealing to surrounding areas with local content is a great way to build recognition in your area and boost your local SEO. But what if “local” just isn’t enough? If you need to expand beyond your town limits and appeal to […]