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local dispensary marketing plan

How to Create Location-Specific Marketing Plans for Your Different Dispensaries

What happens when you’re overseeing two—or three, or six—dispensaries, and it’s on you to develop marketing plans for each of them? Many managers in this position find themselves squeezed between two seemingly contradictory mandates: Support the brand identity with a consistent voice and messaging and Optimize each location’s marketing based on specific demographics, needs, and […]
Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing for Dispensaries is Important, Now More Than Ever

From the ways we shop to how we congregate and relax, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown nearly all of our assumptions, patterns, and habits into disarray. But a year in, and with—fingers crossed!—an end in sight, some valuable insights about the role of digital marketing are becoming clear. And if you’re a dispensary owner/operator, these […]
Push Notifications for dispensaries

Push Notifications and How They Drive Traffic

Digital marketing presents dispensaries with a variety of tools for sharing their messaging and capturing a larger audience. One little-used tool — push notifications for dispensaries — can help you re-engage with your customers and get them back to your online menu. Let’s dive into a few of the basic questions about push notifications and […]
Why Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing is Key

Why Marijuana Delivery Service Marketing is Key

The Covid-19 pandemic and the fear that is gripping the nation means that more people are turning to delivery services to get their needs met. From groceries to cannabis, delivery services are having their moment. What does this mean for dispensaries? For starters, if you’re able to offer delivery in your state, it’s time to […]
Cannabis Update Ontario Sales Rise in Face of Coronavirus

Cannabis Update: Ontario Sales Rise in Face of Coronavirus

For those of us who keep an eye on the cannabis industry, one of the major questions of the moment is: Will the global coronavirus pandemic help or hurt cannabis sales? As of mid-March, it’s far too early to offer a definitive answer. But if the examples of some Canadian provinces are any guide, things […]
best instagram hashtag

Instagram Hashtags Your Dispensary Should Use Right Now

Determining the best Instagram hashtags for your dispensary’s content can be tricky. Constantly using (and spamming) the wrong ones can turn people off your content. However, by choosing the right ones, you can engage your audience more profoundly and expand your brand’s reach. For a dispensary, creating an effective hashtag strategy will make social media […]
dispensary social media

How To Create Impactful Social Media Content Today!

In today’s crowded digital marketplace, brands are having more difficulty than ever establishing themselves, and engaging potential customers. However, if done correctly, dispensary social media marketing can effectively grab attention, raise awareness, and successfully position dispensary brands. The success of dispensary social media marketing campaigns will largely depend on the quality, relevance, and impact of […]
dispensaries on instagram

Everything Dispensaries on Instagram Need to Know About New Features

Social media is a valuable component of any comprehensive marketing plan. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms are vital to the success of your business and generating the customer growth you need to thrive. Keeping up with all of the changes can be stressful, but adapting to new updates and features is essential to ensure […]