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Marijuana Digital Marketing: 3 Tools To Get Your Dispensary Noticed

When it comes to marijuana digital marketing, there’s a wide range of tools and approaches we lean on here at Foottraffik. What’s more, some of them—like producing YouTube videos or launching dispensary mailer campaigns—aren’t even digital! But especially for those new to the digital marketing game, having such a powerful array of tools at your […]
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The Value of Transparency in Dispensary Marketing

Operating a dispensary is hard work. In addition to writing a business plan, bootstrapping your delivery service, and navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, there’s the question of how to enact effective digital marketing. And while everyone agrees that it’s a must—by the end of this year, roughly half of all marketing will take […]
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3 Ways You Can—and Should—Be Using Your Customer Data

With the onset of stay-at-home orders and other preventative measures against the global pandemic, it’s no surprise that overall retail sales took a big hit last year. And while—as we’ve reported—cannabis dispensaries are well-positioned to ride out the storm, this is no time to get complacent. Even if the number of patrons walking through your […]
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How Foottraffik’s Google Ads AI Gets its Data

We’re really excited about our Google Ads AI. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s our machine-learning platform that helps us better optimize campaigns for our clients so they see higher returns. Pretty great, right? Right now, we’re the only ones offering this kind of data-powered advertising in the cannabis industry—and our clients are […]
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Google Ads for Dispensaries: Your Questions Answered

We get asked a lot about Google Ads. Partly because most dispensaries don’t think they can use it (spoiler alert: you can!), and partly because pay-per-click advertising can be a bit confusing. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Google Ads for dispensaries. If yours isn’t here, contact us and […]