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dispensary financing

Money Matters: Potential Funding Sources for Your Canna Business

With the cannabis industry in the midst of what feels like a very prolonged Gold Rush, thousands of would-be entrepreneurs are rushing to launch their brands. If you’re one of them, we salute you! And we’d like to offer some practical tips. In addition to the countless calculations you’ll need to engage in—have I done […]
cannabis programmatic ads

Supercharge Your Marketing: Programmatic Ads Your Dispensary Should be Running

We’ve talked before about enabling our marketing efforts with AI and machine learning, and how using these cutting-edge tools can boost clients’ campaigns with almost unbelievable processing and analytic power. And since introducing AI-enabled digital campaigns into the cannabis space last year, we’ve taken the power of AI one step further: Into the realm of […]
Google my business features

Make the Most of New Google My Business Features

Google My Business (GMB) has two new features that dispensaries should make the most of. As a crucial component of local SEO, your GMB profile helps you connect with potential customers looking for dispensaries near them. It’s free to create a profile, and if you haven’t done so already, you need to start the process […]
holiday hours

Tip of the Week: How to Set Holiday Hours in Google My Business, Yelp and Bing

One of the most important aspects of managing your business can be ensuring your listings across the Internet are detailed and accurate. During high-traffic periods such as the holidays, relaying up-to-date information to your customers is essential to avoid confusion and, in turn, maintain efficiency throughout the busy season. If you’re wondering how to set […]
fake google listings

How Google is Fighting Back Against Fake Listings

In June of this year, The Wall Street Journal published an article exposing the runaway problem of fake listings in Google’s search results. The publication’s researchers had discovered nearly 11 million fake business listings on Google Maps, sometimes known as GMB spam. Following the publication of the article, Google promptly released a statement committing itself […]

Would You Pay For Google My Business (GMB)?

Google has successfully positioned itself as the king of search. Despite constant pressure from fierce competitors like Bing (Microsoft), and Yahoo!, Google has clearly established itself as the world’s search engine of choice. Just how dominant has Google become in the search market? Well, according to a 2016 survey, Google users conduct roughly 3.8 million […]
Reputation management dashboard

How to Fight GMB Spam (and Why You Should)

While the age of the Internet has brought success to many new businesses, it has also created dangers and challenges for business owners. Any business that wants to be successful must learn to master the new environment of digital marketing and overcome the difficulties presented by this terrain. One of the most common features of […]
Google my business post

Why You Should Make a GMB Post Right Now

Google My Business (GMB) posts are an effective way to increase your dispensary’s visibility, establish its online presence, and optimize its website for search engines. And best of all, they’re FREE! Developing your Google My Business profile is an easy and cost-effective way to interact with potential customers. Your profile can provide search users with […]
Google My Business Spam

Google My Business Spam: What It Is and Why It Matters

We all know what spam is. From our email boxes to robocalls, we’re spammed all day long. But when it comes to Google My Business (GMB), what is it? Instinctively we might think, “how can there be spam on GMB?” Well, leave it to spammers. They’ve found a way. Fortunately, it’s not nearly as bad […]
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