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Ready to Ditch Cash? How to Get Your Dispensary Set Up with CanPay

Despite legal cannabis being a roughly $24 billion business in the United States, many dispensaries are in a bind when it comes to the simple mechanics of accepting payments for their products and services. While the banking forecast for dispensaries has brightened considerably in the last few years, the fact is that an estimated 70% of […]
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Virtual Events Your Dispensary Should Hold Right Now

Zoom feels like it’s a way of life right now. And while COVID cases are down and some areas are returning to business as usual, dispensary virtual events are here to stay. They’re convenient, they can reach more people, and you can record them to share over and over again. You can even use a […]
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Types of Questions Your Budtenders Should Ask Every Customer

Selling cannabis is unique for many reasons. But the biggest factor that sets it apart is the number of customers coming in that are new to the product. There’s a lot for new customers to navigate in the world of cannabis—not to mention the legal issues and stigma the cannabis community is trying to move past.