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managing reviews

Why Managing Reviews Is Crucial for Your Dispensary

All businesses eventually make mistakes, and all shoppers eventually have bad experiences. In a digital and interconnected world, this means that bad reviews are inevitable. Regardless of who is really at fault or what actually happened, the story a review tells will affect your business one way or another. According to a 2017 survey, 68% […]

How to Delete a Google Review: Tips and Best Practices

At some point, someone is going to say something bad about your business. It may be that they received poor service, or it could be that they’re having a bad day and decided to take it out on your staff and then post negative comments on Google Reviews. Is there anything you can do about […]
dispensary reviews on mobile

The Dangers of Dispensary Review Schemes

The early stages of marketing a new dispensary can be hard. Trying to increase your foot traffic and get people through the door can be hard. When your business isn’t well-established on the Internet, it can be tempting to sign up for a quick fix that will help you generate plenty of positive dispensary reviews […]