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Virtual Events Your Dispensary Should Hold Right Now

Zoom feels like it’s a way of life right now. And while COVID cases are down and some areas are returning to business as usual, dispensary virtual events are here to stay. They’re convenient, they can reach more people, and you can record them to share over and over again. You can even use a […]
Gateway Cannabis Dispensary Startup Accelerator podcast

Gateway Cannabis Startup Accelerator: Vision to Virality (Podcast)

Do you want to build the next great cannabis company? You’ll need to attract, engage and nurture a loyal fan base. Ben Larson, from Gateway Cannabis Dispensary Startup Accelerator, based in Oakland, interviews Guillermo Bravo (CEO of Foottraffik) and Chikodi Chima ( on marketing best practices and how to take your cannabis company from “vision […]
Cannabis Marketing Podcast: An Interview with Cannabis Radio

Cannabis Radio Dispensary Marketing Podcast: How to Attract and Retain Loyal Lifelong Customers

Foottraffik founder and CEO, Guillermo Bravo, was recently featured on the Cannabis Radio cannabis marketing podcast, 420 Clouds Cannabis Connection, to discuss dispensary marketing. Host Alex talks to Guillermo about Foottraffik’s dispensary success formula: Attract, Engage, and Nurture. Following up on his New West Summit presentation — Marketing and UX: Targeting The Cannabis Consumer — Guillermo shares […]