Cannabis Dispensary Video Marketing

Cannabis Dispensary Video Marketing

Your dispensaries customers are part of a growing group of people nationwide looking for more engaging content. The time has come for your brand to make its mark and build your presence in your local community and one of the best ways to do it is through video marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a way to communicate your message, images, products, storefront, etc. into an easily digestible, engaging format. Videos are increasing in demand among customers as it’s an ideal format for someone on-the-go or with a fleeting attention span. Videos are powerful, impactful and can deliver a much bolder message if done correctly.

Why Your Dispensary Needs a Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is not a forward-thinking tactic, it’s an approach that 85% of businesses are currently investing in to promote their brands. Utilizing video in your marketing campaigns will empower you to compete with your neighboring dispensaries. It makes you stand out to your customers and speaks to them in an authentic, personable way. Video marketing is here to stay and it’s time you jump on board and take full advantage of the growth it can offer to your business.

6 Types of Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is an umbrella term for all your video assets, but what are some examples of how you can use video for your dispensary? Below, we’ve laid out 6 different types of videos you should be implementing now.

Storefront Tour/ Promotional Video

You’ve invested in your storefront and product displays, why not showcase your work to your potential customers? A tour of your dispensary gives customers a behind-the-scenes look while also setting their expectations and enticing them to come in and visit you. Show them your products lines, brands you carry, and like all video, make it entertaining and engaging.

Company Culture Videos

Give a voice to your brand and invest in videos that give you a platform to connect with new customers through your values, messaging, and company culture. The human-to-human connection is still relevant and video can help you bridge that gap and interact with potential customers on a more personal level. These types of videos can also be more reactive in terms of current events or holidays – Introduce your customers to your team, show them how you celebrate or go about your day-to-day at the store.


Testimonials, in general, are great for infusing trust, credibility and third-party validation into your dispensaries brand. If you are able to get testimonials on video, it’s even more powerful. You also have the opportunity here to create branded content by shooting some of these testimonials in-store or at local events.

Google My Business Virtual Tour

Your Google My Business listing is a powerful asset to your SEO. By configuring a virtual tour through Google, you’re enhancing your listing and enticing online users to visit your store. Right now, it’s a way to stand out, but as more brands begin doing virtual tours, it will become less of a competitive edge and more of a customer demand.


Have your video team cover your events or expos you attend to show your dispensary in-context. Events are typically energizing, fun, and dynamic and showcasing your brand among it all adds tremendous value to your image.

Educational Videos

Your customers love learning something new and staying ahead of the curve. Add value and connect with your audience through how-to or general education videos. Make it fun, concise, and to-the-point to boost engagement.

Where to Distribute Your Videos

Now that you’ve learned 6 different types of videos you can produce, the next step is figuring out where you’re going to distribute them so that they’ll be seen by your customers. So, let’s dive into our top picks for video strategies:


Youtube is one of video’s largest platforms and with its daily subscriber base, it’s a great platform to use to distribute your video content. It’s a way to connect with the larger online community and perhaps be discovered by a potential customer. Posting on large platforms like Youtube will also help your SEO ranking if titled correctly.

Email Newsletters

Your email newsletters, promotions and welcome sequences are centered around this idea of communicating with your customer. A great way to spice up your everyday emails and catch your customer’s’ eye is through embedded video. It could be a promotional video or an interview with one of your budtenders – Whatever it may be, make sure it adds value and is concise for your subscriber’s email format.

Social Networks

Videos are dominating our social feeds. Why? Because they are outranking all other posts in terms of engagement and social networks like Facebook are committed to the user experience. Videos for social are best distributed through your company page or via sponsored posts.

Live Video

Live video, a fairly new way to produce video content, is a great way to engage with fans and customers in real-time. Its format is much different than other traditional videos that are edited and uploaded. Live videos can be shot directly on your phone from your dispensary’s Instagram or Facebook profiles. You’ll be able to see real-time comments, answer questions, shout out to customers who are watching you live, and interact in a whole new way.

Want to See What Foottraffik Can Do for Your Dispensary?

Video marketing alongside various other types of marketing can make an incredible difference in everything from your online brand presence to your revenue stream. Foottraffik is a dedicated agency for dispensaries looking to explore the growth and expansion that digital marketing can bring to the table. Want to hire us as your team of experts? Submit a request here.

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