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mediajel merger

MediaJel Announces New C-Level Executive Team

  WALNUT CREEK, CA – September 27, 2021 – MediaJel, today announced the appointment of its C-level executive team, following the digital marketing and programmatic software leader’s recent merger with SEO and digital advertising agency, Foottraffik. The notable lineup reflects the strategic objectives of MediaJel’s Chief Executive Officer, Jake Litke, and Board of Directors to prioritize scalable, […]
cannabis brands direct to consumers

Should Cannabis Brands Sell Directly to Consumers?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the cannabis industry of late, you’ve probably noticed a trend bubbling beneath the surface. Some leading cannabis brands sell direct to consumers now, such as—Kiva Confections, CannaCraft, Cann Social Tonic, Old Pal, and Roach. What’s behind the trend? An attempt to circumvent retail gatekeepers like dispensaries? A desire […]
cannatech companies

State of the Cannabis Industry, 2021: The Top 10 Cannatech Companies

With dispensaries popping up like, well…weeds from one coast to another, the legal cannabis industry has reached a level of visibility and acceptance that seemed almost unthinkable a decade ago. But here’s the thing: For every retail dispensary you see, there’s an untold number of businesses working behind the scenes to keep the industry supplied […]
cannabis Dispensary Chains

Top 10 Cannabis Dispensary Chains in 2021

When Foottraffik began rewriting the book on digital marketing for dispensaries, the industry was just starting its explosive growth phase. Everywhere you looked, it seemed, a bumper crop of new dispensaries was angling for a piece of the action, looking to enter what was forecast to be the 21st century’s hottest industry. In some regards, […]
cannabis dispensary emails ft

Creating Dispensary Emails Your Customers Want to Open

When it comes to marketing your dispensary, your email list is one of your precious resources. According to email marketing gurus Constant Contact, it can boast a frankly staggering return on investment. But all too often, the email list is one of the most underutilized tools in dispensary marketers’ kits. And that’s a shame.  Why? […]
dispensary content plan ft

How to Create a Flexible Dispensary Content Plan

For those of us who don’t feel like natural writers—which, let’s face it, is nearly everyone—the job of content creation can feel maddening, a treadmill that never seems to end. In one sense, that’s true: Content marketing, done properly, shouldn’t end. Brands should always be creating and sharing content that inspires, compels, educates and delights. […]
marijuana advertising network

Marijuana Advertising Network: Your Gateway to Millions of Cannabis Users

Here’s a hypothetical scenario to chew on: You’re a dispensary owner/operator and you’re looking to spread the word about your brand. But once you scrape together the precious hours to conceptualize an ad campaign, write and proof headlines and copy, and find appropriate (and legally compliant) images and design the ads, you realize you have […]
cannabis industry recap ft

Cannabis Industry Recap: Where the Market Stands

The cannabis industry is constantly in flux as more states work through the process of legalizing cannabis, whether through ballot measures or legislation. Here’s a quick cannabis industry recap of where the market stands. Cannabis Industry Recap: 18 Rec States Right now, 18 states have legalized recreational cannabis, though they haven’t all started adult-use sales […]
cannabis sales

Tricks of the Dispensary Trade: Cannabis Sales You Should Be Running

The latest statistics on the cannabis industry are truly thrilling. Coming off a banner year—this despite a global pandemic—and with some 12% of Americans self-reporting as being active users, cannabis sales are truly booming. And thousands of entrepreneurs are taking note, applying for cultivation and retail licenses, and taking advantage of a “Green Wave” that […]
cannabis direct mailer advertising ft

Cannabis Direct Mailer Advertising: A Secret Weapon in a Restrictive Marketing Environment

There are a lot of high-tech ways of reaching consumers: PPC campaigns, SMS messaging, even using offbeat social media platforms like Snapchat and Clubhouse. But given the highly restrictive environment for marketing cannabis businesses, there’s one very old-fashioned approach you shouldn’t count out: Cannabis direct mailer advertising. While you’d assume these “direct mail” advertisements have […]

4 Patient-Friendly MMJ Marketing Strategies for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

As anyone who’s plunged into the marijuana arena knows, MMJ marketing isn’t as simple as sticking the word “medical” in front of “cannabis” and calling it a day. Reaching consumers interested in medical marijuana requires a considered approach that’s in many ways distinct from trying to connect with adult-use consumers. It’s crucial to build trust […]
Cannabis Digital Marketing

Cannabis Digital Marketing: 3 Types of Ads You Need to Be Using

Take it from us: the world of cannabis digital marketing is both deep and wide, suggesting a seemingly endless number of tactics, strategies, and philosophies. It’s true: Constructing an effective digital marketing strategy is a complex task, and it demands experience, a keen eye on analytics and trends, and a willingness to fine-tune and experiment […]
cannabis incubator

Marijuana and Money: The Boom in Cannabis Incubators

In the business realm, hopeful startups have long had a leg up when it comes to making their dreams a reality: The incubator. An organization designed to give fledgling companies the broad spectrum of support they need to get off the ground, incubators serve as catalysts to drive growth in the critical first phases of […]
cannabis branded google

5 Reasons You Should be Running Branded Google Ads

When you’re planning a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, much of your time and energy will go into keyword research. And it should: After all, understanding the landscape and value of key terms and phrases is at the very heart of what makes PPC such a powerful and important part of the digital marketer’s toolkit. But here’s […]

Cannabis Marketing Live: Top SEO Tactics

Recently, our CMO Samer Alkass joined me to discuss the top SEO tactics dispensaries should use to help improve their Google Rankings. He unpacked a lot of great information, and I wanted to take a moment to put together even more great info about dispensary SEO for you to check out. Posts & Pages on […]
local dispensary marketing plan

How to Create Location-Specific Marketing Plans for Your Different Dispensaries

What happens when you’re overseeing two—or three, or six—dispensaries, and it’s on you to develop marketing plans for each of them? Many managers in this position find themselves squeezed between two seemingly contradictory mandates: Support the brand identity with a consistent voice and messaging and Optimize each location’s marketing based on specific demographics, needs, and […]
cannabis sms campaigns

Marketing Smarts: Words You Should Never Use in Your Cannabis SMS Campaigns

With high open rates and fast response times—a blistering 90 seconds, on average—SMS (short for “simple message service”) is one of the very best ways to reach your customer base and share important news. Of course, that word—“important”—is key. SMS marketing works best when it’s used to deliver short, meaningful, and actionable bits of information: […]
Cannabis Delivery service

Deliver the Goods: 5 Ways to Grow Your Cannabis Delivery Service

Even before COVID-19 brought many retail operations to a standstill, cannabis delivery service was slated to be one of the next waves set to upend the industry. It’s easy to see why: Not only does offering delivery service open a major opportunity for existing dispensaries but in jurisdictions that permit it, launching a delivery-only dispensary […]
dispensary financing

Money Matters: Potential Funding Sources for Your Canna Business

With the cannabis industry in the midst of what feels like a very prolonged Gold Rush, thousands of would-be entrepreneurs are rushing to launch their brands. If you’re one of them, we salute you! And we’d like to offer some practical tips. In addition to the countless calculations you’ll need to engage in—have I done […]

Ready to Ditch Cash? How to Get Your Dispensary Set Up with CanPay

Despite legal cannabis being a roughly $24 billion business in the United States, many dispensaries are in a bind when it comes to the simple mechanics of accepting payments for their products and services. While the banking forecast for dispensaries has brightened considerably in the last few years, the fact is that an estimated 70% of […]
market research

How to Do Market Research for Your Business Plan

The dispensary business plan is the single most important foundational document for your enterprise, and it’s one we spend a lot of time focusing on here at Foottraffik. When you’re laying out your business blueprint for partners, investors, financial officers, and other important stakeholders and collaborators, it’s your first and best opportunity to demonstrate your […]
programmatic advertising

The Next Revolution In Marketing? Understanding Programmatic Advertising

As we recently shared, display ads are a major pillar of dispensary marketing, and for good reason: Especially when they’re optimized with compelling CTAs, call and location extensions to maximize their effectiveness, these ads are a powerful and cost-effective way to grab consumers’ attention. These ads are getting faster and better. Welcome to the era […]
cannabis banking

Seed Money: A Guide to Cannabis Banking for New Dispensaries

For years, one of the biggest bogeymen hanging over the legal cannabis industry was the lack of access to basic banking services. Because lenders and financial institutions were leery of running afoul of federal anti-drug laws—so went the wisdom—dispensaries and other cannabis businesses were forced to operate on a cash-only basis. To an extent, this […]
people enjoying dispensary content marketing strategy

Leveraging the Power of Words: Does Your Dispensary Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

With leading-edge tools like geo-fencing, AI-enabled PPC campaigns, even sophisticated retargeting to reduce those buzz-killing abandoned carts, you might think that content marketing is a thing of the past. Why write all that content when all those experts tell us that people don’t read, anyway? Here’s a fact: Content marketing—whether it’s the articles and social […]
abandoned cart

Customer Gone Missing? Here’s How to Deal with Abandoned Carts

Are you experiencing abandonment issues? No, we’re not talking about the ones that compel your puppy to eat your slippers every time you leave the house. We’re talking about abandoned shopping carts on your dispensary’s ecommerce platform. They’re one of the most frustrating issues retailers can face. They’re also one of the most common—some sources […]
tourist targeting

Are You Sweating a Summer Slump? Here’s How To Target Tourists with Display Ads

How are you feeling about summer? For many dispensary owner/operators, mid-2021 looks like a very mixed bag. While cannabis overall has weathered the pandemic well, how the next few months will play out remains an open question. Studying the latest consumer behavior trends, it appears that—even with the COVID-19 pandemic appearing to slacken—travel and overall […]