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market research

How to Do Market Research for Your Business Plan

The dispensary business plan is the single most important foundational document for your enterprise, and it’s one we spend a lot of time focusing on here at Foottraffik. When you’re laying out your business blueprint for partners, investors, financial officers, and other important stakeholders and collaborators, it’s your first and best opportunity to demonstrate your […]
programmatic advertising

The Next Revolution In Marketing? Understanding Programmatic Advertising

As we recently shared, display ads are a major pillar of dispensary marketing, and for good reason: Especially when they’re optimized with compelling CTAs, call and location extensions to maximize their effectiveness, these ads are a powerful and cost-effective way to grab consumers’ attention. These ads are getting faster and better. Welcome to the era […]
cannabis banking

Seed Money: A Guide to Cannabis Banking for New Dispensaries

For years, one of the biggest bogeymen hanging over the legal cannabis industry was the lack of access to basic banking services. Because lenders and financial institutions were leery of running afoul of federal anti-drug laws—so went the wisdom—dispensaries and other cannabis businesses were forced to operate on a cash-only basis. To an extent, this […]
abandoned cart

Customer Gone Missing? Here’s How to Deal with Abandoned Carts

Are you experiencing abandonment issues? No, we’re not talking about the ones that compel your puppy to eat your slippers every time you leave the house. We’re talking about abandoned shopping carts on your dispensary’s ecommerce platform. They’re one of the most frustrating issues retailers can face. They’re also one of the most common—some sources […]
dispensary podcast

Cannabis Marketing Tips: Should You Make a Dispensary Podcast?

Even before COVID-19 locked us all in our apartments for a year, long-form content such as podcasts were experiencing a huge and historic resurgence. But the pandemic only highlighted an existing hunger for deep dives, long-running conversations, and the simple pleasure of hearing someone who really knows their field explain how things work. If all […]
tourist targeting

Are You Sweating a Summer Slump? Here’s How To Target Tourists with Display Ads

How are you feeling about summer? For many dispensary owner/operators, mid-2021 looks like a very mixed bag. While cannabis overall has weathered the pandemic well, how the next few months will play out remains an open question. Studying the latest consumer behavior trends, it appears that—even with the COVID-19 pandemic appearing to slacken—travel and overall […]

The High Cost of Cannabis: How Dispensaries Can Navigate the IRS’s Code 280e

For those of us in the cannabis business, few topics spark more outrage and dread than an innocent-sounding string of letters and numbers: Code 280e. But the code—an ‘80s-era addition to United States tax law—is anything but innocuous. It’s the section of law that prohibits those profiting from federally scheduled substances from deducting nearly all […]