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cannabis brands direct to consumers

Should Cannabis Brands Sell Directly to Consumers?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the cannabis industry of late, you’ve probably noticed a trend bubbling beneath the surface. Some leading cannabis brands sell direct to consumers now, such as—Kiva Confections, CannaCraft, Cann Social Tonic, Old Pal, and Roach. What’s behind the trend? An attempt to circumvent retail gatekeepers like dispensaries? A desire […]
cannatech companies

State of the Cannabis Industry, 2021: The Top 10 Cannatech Companies

With dispensaries popping up like, well…weeds from one coast to another, the legal cannabis industry has reached a level of visibility and acceptance that seemed almost unthinkable a decade ago. But here’s the thing: For every retail dispensary you see, there’s an untold number of businesses working behind the scenes to keep the industry supplied […]
cannabis social media platforms for dispensary

Social Media Trends in 2021: Which Platforms Should Your Dispensary Be On?

When we first began our journey in dispensary marketing here at Foottraffik, cannabis social media was still relatively young. Many marketers didn’t grasp how game-changing this vital new medium would become, allowing brands to speak more directly to consumers than ever before. Or that it would spawn an entire new industry: The influencer economy. Where […]
cannabis Dispensary Chains

Top 10 Cannabis Dispensary Chains in 2021

When Foottraffik began rewriting the book on digital marketing for dispensaries, the industry was just starting its explosive growth phase. Everywhere you looked, it seemed, a bumper crop of new dispensaries was angling for a piece of the action, looking to enter what was forecast to be the 21st century’s hottest industry. In some regards, […]
cannabis dispensary emails ft

Creating Dispensary Emails Your Customers Want to Open

When it comes to marketing your dispensary, your email list is one of your precious resources. According to email marketing gurus Constant Contact, it can boast a frankly staggering return on investment. But all too often, the email list is one of the most underutilized tools in dispensary marketers’ kits. And that’s a shame.  Why? […]
dispensary content plan ft

How to Create a Flexible Dispensary Content Plan

For those of us who don’t feel like natural writers—which, let’s face it, is nearly everyone—the job of content creation can feel maddening, a treadmill that never seems to end. In one sense, that’s true: Content marketing, done properly, shouldn’t end. Brands should always be creating and sharing content that inspires, compels, educates and delights. […]
dispensary shopping cart abandonment

How Dispensary Shopping Cart Abandonment Impacts Your Bottom Line

Have you looked at your daily reports and noticed something was…missing? We’re going to take a wild guess: It’s your shopping carts. A lot of them. As in just under 70%. The numbers for mobile users, by the way? They’re worse. Way worse. Across all industries, abandoned carts are a major problem, and many analysts […]