Cannabis business directories

The Supreme List of 58 Cannabis Business Directories for Dispensaries

In previous articles, we’ve emphasized how crucial it is to build local citations and NAP (mentions of your name, address, and phone number) to improve local search engine rankings for your cannabis dispensary. To make things easy, we’ve researched and created the most comprehensive list of cannabis business directories that are suitable for submission. Domain rating ranks all the websites according to Ahrefs, which shows how high the backlink profile of the domain is on a scale from 1 to 100. Backlinks from sites with high domain rating carry more “weight.” Most of the directories are nationwide, but a select few are only available in Colorado.

Based on the data from Ahrefs, the cannabis information resource Leafly is the most valuable and authoritative directory in the cannabis industry, with Weedmaps coming in second. Leafly’s extensive resources of information catapulted its monthly organic traffic to 2,000,000 visits per month, surpassing any other website in the cannabis industry. In comparison, Weedmaps received 21% of that amount at approximately 420,000 monthly organic visits per month. Keep this in mind when prioritizing your marketing budget for directory listings. Leafly and Weedmaps both charge between $1000-$3000 to be included in their directory with options to be included at the top of their results based on your geographical region.

All data is provided by the third party website Ahrefs, which is a toolset for SEO and marketing. Data last updated 11/01/16.

AD Business directory spreadsheet

BusinessURLAhrefs RankDRBacklinksReferring domainsOrganic keywordsOrganic traffic
Merry Jane
Medical Jane,4065630800205063000300000
Colorado Pot Guidewww.coloradopotguide.com851,809513940082556000201000
THC Finder,057516930011501100023000
MMJ Doctor Online,049,5445016500379820028000
Medical Marijuana,208,696507050777200008200
All Bud
Sticky Guide,438,6164978003671400017000
THC Biz,471,6434968902321400844
Pot Locator,582,011495230024131001200
Leaf Buyer,043,063483440014572008400
Where's Weed?,206,28948659003051400021000
Cannabis Reports,574,000471360003922300034000
Wiki Leaf,830,1414720403141400041000
The Travel Joint,970,93147390024074003200
Pot Guide,986,23147786003221300029000
Kush Tourism,344,8454673802881700023000
Weed Depot,782,634462170013531003100
Kush Guide,311,299466680278701500
Cannabis Search,818,7974588705621600020000
Weed Circles,273,068451080002919164
Blaze Now,257,04444419129278329
Marijuana Central,022,30644101093510025000
Marijuana Dispensaries 411,058,05044714047500
USA Weed
Jive Tree,912,63643103196240
Canna Pages,927,6004211800882500901
Dope Directory,976,256421370821100013000
Weed Finder,711,35142552023920001200
Green Tripz,485,270395065753001400
Weed Shops,037,67939221800701
Top Dank,646,31839981200520015000
Meta Weed,995,18136323591500470
Local MMJ,571,26136225006190
Medical Marijuana,657,628343783323329
World Cannabis Directoryworldcannabisdirectory.com46,020,6353341360
Weed Monster,967,023321530062000723
Buds Guru,361,8023112318120006300
Pot Shop Guides,464,527305333394
Bud Vibes,417,55029111800445
Chronic Startups,095,682272715522

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